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Toll-bum-kugel-hunde - World-4-Hosting Webhosting für Ihre Domains + Webdesign + CMS + Free Traffic für Service Handwerk Handel Industrie mit Informationen über Ihre Leistungen Angebote the next generation bioknowledge metalife is dedicated to enabling life science companies to improve productivity compani through integrative bio knowledge solutions covering the complete research and development value chain metalife collects and integrates the worldwide life sciences knowledge into the metalife knowledge base metalife enables you to activate, compare and analyze data from all sources across the various phases of the research and development process. metalife transforms data into knowledge by semantic data integration, text mining and high-level data analysis. metalife activates and integrates proprietary knowledge metalife provides the professional standard solution metalife trinity metalife provides all services for proprietary database integration, automatic updates and custom specific software development metalife knowledge base metalife knowledge generation metalife knowledge presentation metalife is announced as a winner of the Microsoft Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Innovation Awards 2007, honoring companies that have created new and innovative technology solutions to address critical issues affecting the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry enlarge community foundation company products demos contact high level metalife

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